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It is hard to live without social media. What if all the customization of your social media application is in your control? Isn’t it? Your answer will be a big YES. We recommend you use GB Instagram APK, a mod app that will give you more freedom and an amazing experience. But how, let’s talk more about the stunning feature of this app.

GB Instagram APK
NameGB Insta APK
Value count1200
Size64.2 MB
DeveloperAtnfas Hoak

GB insta apk is available on our websitre to enhance your experience of customization. We guarantee that your experience would go awesome and you would have fun with this app. Download GB Insta apk for andriod to have a live experience. As the app is unavailable on the google play store, you can get into your device from our webpage.

Basic Information about GB Instagram APK

GB Insta APK gives you the freedom to get images and videos. And status into your device and share it with your friends. With an attractive interface and customization, it is a preferred choice for social media lovers. Download and log in to Instagram GB app and enjoy all these tweaks all in one.

Moreover, other modded apps of insta may block your access to the already existing app this is not the case with GB Insta. Your account at GB insta would be perfectly secured and authorized. Last not the least, this app is all love.

Special Features of GB Instagram apk

Anyone would download, install and run an app if it attracts. There must be some perks to get it. Here, we are listing all the features of GBInsta that will compel you to download and install this app at least once. We assure you, you will fall in love forever.

Free Download

Why you are here on this page? Are you fed up with the restrictions imposed on you while using the original app of Instagram? What has made your search for GB Instagram? Nothing, just the urge to download images, statuses, and videos. Yes, be confident, as this feature is available in GBInsta APK.

This feature makes this app stand out from all the other social media apps. It is just a matter of a few seconds in GB Insta apk.

Copy Bio and Post Title

Someone may have used nice words to express feelings and emotions in the bio or the status. If you want to copy it, GB Insta is the best option. You just need to double-tap the words, scroll to select the lines and copy them. It is in your clipboard now. You can take it to paste anywhere on the app.

Enlarged interface

To open an image in full screen, you don’t need to zoom it. It damages the quality of the image. Preview it in a better way, download GB insta and enjoy an enlarged view.

GB Insta APK has a user-friendly interface where you can click on the right corner of the pic. By clicking, a drop-down menu will open. From the menu, click the “preview” option. This will open the image covering all four corners of the screen. Thus you can have a better and adjusted display.

Ghost Mode

In some social media apps, like LinkedIn, if anyone views your profile, this sends a notification to you showing that he or she was viewing your profile. You cannot hide your identity. However, the Insta GB app provides you with security.

You can hide your identity. For this go to the setting à privacy à and click Hide video story. You are all done and no one can notice your presence on their profile.

Multiple accounts handling

In all the social apps, you are restricted to using only one account. If you want to log in to another account, you need to log out from the existing one. This is quite laborious and time taking.

Another of the best feature of the Insta GB app is the option to get multiple accounts running simultaneously. For this, go to Settings à Add Account and add a new account. You can easily switch between multiple accounts by just clicking.

Anti- Ban

Mostly, it happens in modified apps that in the presence of the official app, the modded one gets banned after some days. This may make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, GB Insta is not that kind of app.

GB Instagram app is safe, secure, and free to use without any restrictions. The developer has developed this anti-ban application to make you feel free. Every new version of the app is loaded with more and more features. Download the latest version of GB Instagram apk from our website.

Full Customization

User interface (UI) matters a lot. If UI and UX are not your choices, you will get bored even after a few seconds. Look, the best thing in the GB Insta is found is the best UI. Still, there is an option to customize the theme, colour scheme, and much more for a fresh customized look.

The customized options are available with colour, theme, font (style and size), background, and icon settings.

Mark important media as “Star”

If an image or video is appealing to you, you would love to see it again. Like Gmail, you have an option in GBInsta APK, where you can mark that particular image for the future. It would appear as a star.

To mark an image as important, you need to press and hold the image, a pop-up menu will appear. You will see a blank, start, click it and it will turn colourful. This shows that the image is marked as important.


The world has turned into a global village, we all are connected. However, we all have different languages, customs, and cultures. On social media, we may have a friend or post from another community. What would you do if you don’t know the language?

Download the Instagram apk and get rid of this problem. On any post or message from an unknown language, just press and hold the text, and click the translator button. The text will be changed to your default language. This is quite a hand and quick method.

Supports External Media Player

You can play music using an external media player. To get this feature, on your home screen of the app, click on the three dots, a menu will appear. From the menu, click Preview to see the media players in the options. You can select whatever you like. 

Turn off the Right/Left Drag Option

If you have downloaded GB Instagram Pro 6 0 apk, you will be able to off the right and left drag options. This will help you to navigate and experience the app features in a better way. This option is not available on the official app.

How to download GB insta Pro APK for Android

We have provided all the possible information related to the app. We suggest you download and install this app to maximize your experience of this amazing social media app.

To download and install it, follow the following steps

  1. Go to the setting of your device and allow “unknown resources”
  2. Come to our webpage and click the download button
  3. Once the download process is complete, track the file from the file manager.
  4. Click it to start the installation
  5. It will take a few seconds
  6. When completed, an icon will appear on the home screen of your device, click it to open
  7. Log in to the app and enjoy the latest version of GB Instagram.

GB Insta versus Official Instagram

Are you wondering which one is better for you? We hope this article will help you to decide it. GB Insta is available with multiple features you can copy status, and download images, offers you more privacy and customization, and is loaded with a built-in translator as like Insta pro APK.

All these features make it more attractive for the users. We are listing all these features and basic information for you. Keep on reading this article to know more about all the updates on GB Instagram APK.

Final Words

GB Instagram APK is a highly recommended app as it is loaded with all the needful features. Only some of the prominent features are listed above. Every latest version of Gb Instagram is with better UI to make you feel free. We have links for all the versions on our webpage. You must try this marvelous application


On the video or image, click on the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear. From the options, click the download button and you are all done.

In the GB Instagram app, one can customize;

  • Theme
  • Colours
  • Font size
  • Text colour
  • background

If you are not able or willing to use GB insta, you can use the following app

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