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Have you ever faced difficulty in understanding some typical words in a discussion? I know it would be a problem with the smooth texting and it is distracting. Insta Thunder apk is a clone of the original Instagram apk that has a built-in interpreter for such kinds of words. This supportive advantage makes it stand out among other versions of Instagram APK.

Instagram Thunder apk
NameInsta Thunder APK
Size58 MB
Total Downloads15k

Sammods has developed this application for Android and iOS users. Same like Insta pro APK this app is loaded with some ultra-features with the best UI. You might be curious to know all of those pro features. You have landed on the home page of the insta thunder apk, be stick to this article and keep reading more about Insta Thunder

Advanced Features of Insta Thunder apk

This mod version of Instagram is to enhance your experience of Instagram texting and calls. Here, we are trying to list and provide details of all the features.

In-app interpreter

If English is your second language, you might have faced issues in understanding some captions, texts, tags, and any other can of text in typical English. This will make you stuck at any point where you need a dictionary or translator. The dictionary or translator will help you understand the meaning of that word.

It is quite tedious and hectic. However, you need not worry about all this as Insta Thunder apk has a built-in interpreter and browser. This will help you to interpret and understand any word.

Are you wondering how to use this interpreter? Wherever there is a word that is new to you, press and hold that particular word, and a search option will pop up on the screen. Click on this option and it will take you to the in-app browser where you can find the meaning of that word easily.

App Security

This is a social app where you can share your views and thought in text, images, and videos (all type of media). However, you will never like to share the app itself with anyone. Thunder apk of insta helps you to add a security layer to your app so that no one can access it in your absence. This will keep the hackers away from your data.

Easy shopping

Instagram marketing is spreading its wings all around. You need to know the reviews of the user of any product. Insta Thunder apk made it easy to search for any product from the search bar. You can see all the specifications of a product, buying guides, and reviews from buyers. This will help you in decision-making.

Follow/unfollow Tracker

Breaching once secrecy is out of the question here. Would you like to show someone that you are seeing his or her profile and following it? It can be a secret if you have downloaded the Insta Thunder apk on your device. No one will see you that you are following him.

HD Photos

I understand how much annoying it is to see a blurry image on your social media. This is your profile and timeline and it should be with high-quality images. We care about your choice. The images you would save from Insta Thunder would be of high quality.

Turning off Auto-play Option

In the original APK, videos may play automatically. This will use your data. The modded apk of Instagram i.e. insta Thunder APK allows users to turn off this feature. Thus users can save their data easily.

Hide typing status

Whenever you type a text message, the other user can see your activity. However, this will not be the case using Insta Thunder APK. This feature is an addition to your privacy so others cannot see your current activity.

Unmatched Privacy Controls

Insta Thunder APK enhances digital privacy with advanced settings, allowing users to
conceal various activities from other users. Navigate the app without leaving a digital
trace, offering a sense of security and control over your online presence.

AutoPlay Management

Customizable autoplay feature grants complete control over video playback, catering to
personal preferences and helping conserve data usage.

Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience with Insta Thunder APK’s
ad-free environment, standing out from the standard Instagram app’s frequent

Media Download Capability

Download various media types directly from your Instagram feed, providing a
convenient way to save and access your favorite content offline.

Note: Download media on your triple tap, and zoom any image with a long tap on the screen.

IGTV Video Downloads

Download IGTV videos directly to your phone, offering a significant enhancement over
other apps that typically do not support IGTV downloads.

Invisible Story Viewing

View stories anonymously, adding an extra layer of discretion to your social media

Typing Status Concealment

Hide your typing status while messaging, providing an added layer of privacy.

Integrated App Lock

Enhance the security of your mobile device with the in-built app lock feature, eliminating
the need for separate app lock applications.

High-Quality Media Uploads

Maintain the quality of your uploaded media, addressing the common issue of quality
reduction in the standard Instagram app.

Translation Accessibility

Include a translation feature for users who speak different languages, making it easier
to connect with a global audience.

Easy Copy Function

Simplify the process of copying text with one-click functionality, streamlining
interactions and information gathering.

Picture Zoom Capability

Zoom-in feature for pictures, allowing for a more detailed and immersive viewing
experience. You can also see the profile picture of any profile no matters if the profile locked.

Follower Tracking Alerts

Get notified when someone unfollows your account, helping you manage your follower
list more effectively.

Mini Features

System Requirements

To install Insta Thunder, your Android device must have an operating system of version
6.0 or higher. Before downloading, ensure that you enable the installation from unknown
sources in your device settings.

How to Download?

Install Insta Thunder apk for Android

The downloading process for Insta Thunder apk latest version 2023 is quite easy and simple to do step. Our has the apk file that you can download easily. You just need to ensure that you are following the steps in sequence.

Step 1: First of all, uninstall the Instagram app from the play store, and delete it permanently. After deleting, you will be eligible to download the new version of insta Thunder APK on your device.

Step 2: Come to our website and locate the download button with the link.

Step 3: Click the download button and download the .apk file.

Step 4: After the completion of the process, go to the setting of your Android device and allow access to unknown sources.

Step 5: Track the .apk file from the file manager, click it, and this will start the installation process.

Step 6: In a few seconds, the app will be installed and you are set to go with the latest 2023 V12 of Insta Thunder APK.

Insta Thunder APK for PC

What if you want to play an Android game or run an Android application on a big screen like on computer windows? Come, here we have a solution for you. You can run apk of Insta Thunder using Bluestacks software. To enjoy the modded version of Instagram on Windows;

Step 1: Download Bluestacks from a trustworthy third party.

Step 2: Install and open it on your computer

Step 3: From the search bar on the BlueStacks, search for insta thunder apk (either Insta Thunder apk V15), and press enter.

Step 4: The application will be downloaded for free, install it and enjoy it without any limitations.

How to Use APK of Insta Thunder?

You need to know the interface of any game or app to play it properly. The interface of Insta thunder apk is the same as the other versions of Instagram. However, you need to know some basic features.

Final Words

With multiple shortcuts, stunning features, and an attractive interface, Insta Thunder apk is the choice of millions of users. Download this application and enjoy modded features for free. Watch stories, download reels and statuses, copy status and hashtags, secure your files, and enjoy much more than your expectations. We suggest you not go for other apps and try them. Fulfil your dream of unlimited features all in one.


Everyone has its preference. But, we will suggest that insta Thunder APK is the best modded version of Instagram. You will say this too, you just need to download and install it for once.

The app store has the original version of Instagram. If you want to enjoy the modded version, you need to come to our webpage and click the download button.

The application is with millions of users all around the world. That’s why, the apk insta Thunder is updated every week

No, this app is with high-security features. iOS system does not allow this app for the user. You can use this on Android and Windows only.

The modded app of Instagram Thunder is free to download, install and use. Visit our website to have it now.

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