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Sometimes innovations meet frustrations. Have you ever gone through this app nightmare? It often happens that the latest version has some bugs and still needs some improvements. If you face it then dont worry we have Instander APK Old version for you.

The development and improvement require the time and attention of the Developers. If you are facing such issues with the latest version of Instander Mod APK, it would be a good option to go for an Instander APK old version.


Here are some more Instander Mod APK Old Versions



















For stable functionality, you may downgrade your latest version to any older version of Instander APK. It is a blessing that you can have an official app of Instagram along with any of the versions of Instander mod APK. There is a long list of older versions of Mod APK of Instander. However, we will discuss their distinguished features first.

Instander APK Old versions

Features of Instander APK Old Versions

Here are some mind-blowing features of the Instander mod apk old version, which makes you feel accessible on the whole App. These functions are also available in the latest version of Inst pro APK.

Your Privacy comes first 

Hide your stories, reels, typing and reading status. You can disable analytics to secure all information about your account. Furthermore, if the post is removed, likes and dislikes will be hidden automatically.

Download Everything 

The old versions can download IGTV videos, reels, and stories of others with just one click.

Hide Ads 

To give you a smooth run, the older versions were loaded with features to hide ads from your reels and stories.

Swipe to Navigate 

Swipe the screen to navigate between different features, and you will be there.

In-app Browser 

looking to search for the hidden meaning or want to know something right then? In-App Browser can help you fast.

Auto-Play stories and Reels

Enable or disable auto-play stories and reels from the screen. Moreover, you can enable/disable auto-skip your stories for your followers.

Story Cropping 

To share the stories of your desired dimensions, you can crop it as per the width of your screen

Remove Dark Borders 

You may not love to add dark borders to your photos and stories. Disable this option using an older version of Instander APK.

Zoom in using the Touch Screen 

To view any image in full screen, you can long tap it on the screen. Moreover, you can use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out.

Save Pictures 

To save pictures on your device, you need to triple-tap the selected image, and you are all done.

Like the Post by Tapping 

To like any post or photo, double-tap the screen and like or dislike the post using Instander APK Old Version.

Disallow photo compression

If you want quality images to show in your posts, you can disallow the photo compression option for the Instander app to show your best.

All these are also available in latest version of Instander APK.

How to download Instander APK Old Version?

You are requested to follow the following simple steps to download any of the old listed versions of Instander APK from our web;

  1. Unlock your Android device à go to settings à Privacy Setting à Allow unknown devices
  2. Visit our website and in the search bar, type Instander APK.
  3. Navigate to the download button and click it to download the app on your device.
  4. Find the Instander APK from the file manager and click it to install.
  5. Your application is ready to use, click the colorful icon and you are there to enjoy.

Final Words

If you are facing glitches in the latest version of Instander APK, downgrade your app to the Instander APK Old Version with all the features to attract you. Download Old versions of the Instander apk from our website and transform your IG experience to the best.

One can create two different types of accounts on the Instagram APP. One is a Public account, the other one is a Private account.

In a Public account, anyone who is on Insta can see your profile. However, in a Private account, only the person who follows you can view your photos, stories and reels.

If you want to view posts on a private account, you need to follow that account and wait until approval. After approval, you can view all the posts.

All the listed features of Instander APK are just for free. You are not required to pay for anything. Get it for free from our website

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