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Nothing is perfect in this world, and so is Instagram. The application lacks some features, and the user experience could have been better while saving, copying, and sharing the media as expected. The developers are always there to help the user with these issues. Instander APK is the best alternative option for users.

NameInstander APK
Rating Value150000
Size54 MB

Download Instander APK latest version for android

Here you can download the Instander Apk but before choosing between these two you should know first what is clone and unclone Instander APk

We suggest installing a clone version because if you want to install the uncloned version of Instagram, you should first uninstall the original Instagram app from your device. After uninstalling the original app, you can install the uncloned version.

What is Instander APK?

We all agree that Instagram is one of the leading social media apps. With such a marvelous application to share images, stories, and videos, what is the need for a similar clone app, “Instander APK,” then?

This is the question; you would like to get the answer to it. We hope to answer all of your related queries. To know all this to your satisfaction, keep reading this article. Users were looking for an app that could help them with all the features the original Instagram APK lacked.

Instander APK was developed as a modded version to help the users to solve the mentioned issues. You will get the ultimate social experience without getting banned. The developer “The Dise” has equipped it with an excellent browsing experience.

Interesting Features of Instander APK Mod

You have come to this web page because you want to know all the interesting features of Instander APK that make it stand out from all the other social media apps. The following features serve the purpose well.

Compressed yet High-Resolution Images and Stories

Download Instander APK to enjoy high-quality Videos, Photos, Reels, and Stories. You can enable the “Photos in Max Quality” option to see compressed images with high-quality graphics. Moreover, this feature saves some space and the photos or images are compressed.

Instander feature enhancement mode

Search Option

Suppose you have heard about trending videos and cannot see them in your feeds and stories. You can get to those videos by searching them in the search bar. In this search section, you can add your queries about food, travel, art, movies, and other related content. Discover and learn new trends using this search option.

Discover People

You would love to connect with like-minded people. This application allows you to discover and DM them. Follow the people who are active members on Instagram and know more about their sharing on Insta.

Full-Size Profile Photo

If you are discovering people, look at their profiles, and peep into their stories and videos. Do you want a closer look? Double-tap on the profile photo to get an enlarged view of the full screen. You can check someone’s profile with this feature privately.

Multi-Lingual Menu

You are discovering friends, seeing their status, and suddenly, you see a status in an unknown language; what would you do? You would leave it. However, if you are using Insta Thunder APK, you can see the translation of that status in more than 25 languages. Translate messages and comments in multiple languages and understand them. This feature is loaded in Insta Pro APK as well. You can communicate with people from other communities.

Analytics and Reports

You can analyze your activities and track them using analytics of Instander APK Analytics. If the option to record and analyze your activity is on, the developer can see the customer experience. Moreover, if there are troubles with the App or every time it crashes, the developer can note it and remove the bugs to make it work smoothly.

Download options for Video and Pictures

If you are fond of vines, videos, and memes, you can’t stop yourself from getting them with you on your Android device. But this option is not available in the Instagram apk. It would disappoint you. But don’t worry; Instander APK is here for you.

To avail of this option, you must delete the original application and download, install, and log in to Instander APK using the same login details. There will be a download button on the screen to tap and download your desired content.

save stories and posts

Save stories to an archive.

Are you running down due to less device storage? What would be your next choice? In this case, you can save your favorite videos in your archives. Live videos will remain in this storage space for 30 days. You can use this option if you need more storage space.

Private Sharing

I can share some posts, stories, and IGTV videos with some close fellows, but only with some. You can control your visibility using this Instander APK. Please turn off the visibility option as you are okay with it, and share your posts. In the sharing option, you can also share on another platform. It will help you to avoid spyware and nosy friends. It is to protect your confidentiality.

Block Advertisements

You can download images, videos, and stories using third-party downloaders. However, this will lead you to some annoying pop-up ads. It could have been more pleasant. These ads drain your battery, use your data, and waste your time if you are not interested in watching them. Instander APK allows you to browse through insta without these ads.

Close Friends List

Sometimes, you prefer to share media or text with a list of close friends only. The modded apk of IG allows you to create a list of your choice and share the content accordingly. You can create the list, edit it, and delete some contacts. Your friend will not get notified of this deletion or addition, which is the best feature of Instander APK.

You can make a separate folder for those pictures and videos. Your friends can only see the media you shared; they would not have access to the folder.

Smart Gestures

The App is loaded with some smart features to make it handy. The developer has added some smart gestures like;

– Double tap on the photo to like it

– Long tapping will zoom in and zoom out photos for you

– Swiping left or right will navigate you to a new page.

Smart guesture

These gestures distinguish this App from the original Instagram application. This feature is also available in Insta Thunder APK.

Hide your stories

Your privacy comes first. Make all your stories and media private and share only with the group of people you want to. This App allows users to apply privacy settings to hide stories from snoopers. You can post the content and let a few enjoy watching it.

feeds and story setting

Allow/Disallow Message Replies

Sometimes, annoying and unwanted replies appear on the screen for your posts. Those only show the negativity of the people and jealousy of your haters. You would prefer to avoid seeing such messages and replies on your screen and your posts. Moreover, such post replies tend to defame you.

Instander applications help you to get rid of such message replies. The application allows you to use allow or disallow option. You can choose either to allow or disallow people from commenting on your post.

Employ Ghost Mode

This is the only insta version that comes with a ghost mode feature. What can you do after getting ghost mode on in Instander APK?

– You can disable the “typing status”. This feature makes others unable to see if you are typing some text messages as a reply to theirs.

– You can hide your presence as a viewer of others’ statuses and stories. By enabling this ghost feature, you can enter others’ profiles and see their stories and status; they would be unable to know this activity.

– If you don’t want to reply to someone’s message immediately, you can enable the “don’t mark directly as read” feature. This feature allows you to read the text in your inbox without others realizing this.

Ghost mode

How to Download Instander APK? We have tried to list all the features of Instander APK. However, we assure you that the App has more than these features, and you will love it. You can download this App from our web page by following these steps;

Download Instander APK For Android:

• Go to the settings à security options à allow unknown devices from your Android device.

• Click the download button to download this App in the file manager

• Go to file manager and click it to install

• After the installation, an icon will appear on the home screen.

• You are all done; open the App and enjoy unlimited pro features.

Download Instander APK For iOS

To install Instander APK on your iOS device, you need an IPA file and any Impactor like ALTstore or Cydia.

• Download the Instander IPA file from the download button

Download Impactor on your PC

• Connect your device to your PC

• Drag and Drop the IPA file in Impactor

• Sign in to your Apple ID.

• Go to settings à General Settings à click Trust Button

• Go to File Manager à IPA’s File

• Tap it to install Instander for iOS.

Final Words

Following are the Pros of downloading and using Instander APK

– Download pictures and video
– Turn on privacy settings to act as a ghost
– The user interface is easy to understand
– Smart gestures make it easy to use
– Available in multiple languages to make it widely accepted.

All these features make it stand out from all the versions of Instagram APK.


If you have downloaded Instander APK, but it needs to be installed, you need to check if there is an official app of Instagram on your device or not. You might be using the UnClone version that allows only one application to run successfully at one time.

Instander APK’s latest version is free and safe to use. You can download it for free from our webpage and use it safely.

Disable all the ads manually by disabling them under the privacy setting option

Instander Clone allows you to use the official Instagram app and Instander APK both at the same time. However, for UnClone APK, you must remove the Official and Original APP of Instagram from your device.

You can get a free badge (blue tick) in Instander APK. Fill out the information form accurately and apply for the badge.

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